Twitter Management Approach.

  • I operate this channel for free with the help of some kind volunteers. It takes about 4-6 hours per day to operate it and direct it, and about 6 hours of volunteer help

  • We operate this channel for all people who want to see wholesome, happy and cute content. We hope it makes people happy.

  • We're Canadian, it's just how we spell things naturally eh?

  • We respond to most reasonable dms, someday.


Our rules change from time to time, often in response to positive helpful feedback.

1. Content attribution

  • We are the only meme account that credits artists, we believe it is very important.
  • We attribute and link all drawn art except major media companies.

  • We do not attribute photos/videos used in memes. We have tested attributing photos used in memes. It is not viable to locate all source images for all memes on the internet, it would be a full time job and still not be more than %50 successful, we do not know where they came from. We post generally 25 posts per day for perspective. 

  • We attribute posts containing animals in sanctuaries if we are aware of them.

  • All content in the store is original or licensed and posted in a manner approved by it's creator.

2. Comment moderations

  • We protect all who mean no harm equally. We automatically block accounts with comments and DMS that contain harassment and name calling of anyone including wholesomememe and it's admin this includes homophobia, transphobia, racism attacks on Furries, gatekeeping and any racial profanity.

  • We do not tolerate clout seeking, including off topic images and RT's in the comments.

  • We do not tolerate any content policing, only constructive feedback. This includes "not wholesome, not a meme" posts without any feedback.

3. Controversial figures

  • We don't follow what goes on in celebrities' or artists lives. We try to keep track of all who have been #metoo involved and avoid them, if we recognize their face or someone points them out. 

4. Takedown requests.

  • We honour all take down requests from verifiable sources, requests from unverifiable sources may not receive a response.