Home of the Wholesomemes Charity Drive

2021:From the Charity Drive Store Sales

$550.00 To the National Suicide Prevention Line
$250.00 To the Alzheimer's Society of Canada
$120.00 Wholesome Wave
$120 Kids Help Phone
$233.00 to ILGA

2022: Below is with the help of the #escaplive2022 youtube sponsorship

$5025.00 to Humane Accredited Animal Shelters

$4721.00 to Kids Help Phone and other distress lines!
$422.00 (CDN) Wholesome Wave

$422.00 (CDN) to Meals on Wheels America


Welcome to the Wholesome Charity Drive! You can help us raise tons of money for Pro Human Charities while getting awesome merch!!!

We are selling products to help raise for charity. The proceeds are split with the artist's selected charity, the artist and the cost of operating the store.. As sales start to ramp up, from time to time we’ll post our charitable contributions to twitter as well as here Charity Drive web page.

"Spikey Boy", "Danger Noodle" and "Cuddle Fish" are part of our new "Guide to Danger Hugs Series" designed by the creators behind @godanimalbooks (check it out, it's fun and doesn't promote religion) and @Wholesomememes.  @Godanimalbooks is Brian of @Theunderfold and Chuck of @Newdadnotes We use only products declared to be made by fair labour. Part of the proceeds go to the artist's designated charity Whoelsome Wave.

The Wholesome dog was created and gifted to us by Guy Kopsombut of @4amshower

The Wholesome branded merchandise was created by the @wholesomememe owner.

Charities we plan to help include:

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