ABOUT @WholesomeMeme and the Wholesomememes.com Charity Store

About @WholesomeMeme the Charity Drive Store

@WholesomeMeme lives to spread positivity offline too ! Through shirts, stickers and prints! Feel free to pick your favourite shirt, print or other stuff, and support the @WholesomeMeme Charity Drive.

Who is @WholesomeMeme

WholesomeMeme  and wholesomememes.com is me Chris, the founder and owner and our awesome volunteer Content Manager

About the @WholesomeMeme Charity Drive.

We sell products for charity. The profit from our sales are split between the artist's selected charity, the artist and the cost of operating the store. The majority of profit going to the designated charities. As sales start to ramp up, we’ll post our charitable contributions to twitter as well as to our Charity Drive web page.

Charities currently supported include Kids Help Phone, The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Meals on Wheels America and Wholesome Wave. (add links)

About @WholesomeMeme Products

All our clothing manufacturers declare their products have no involvement in sweatshops, child and forced labour, that is why our clothing lines focus on premium American Apparel and Bella Canvas brands. These brands are not the cheapest but ensure a fair wage at both the manufacturing and distribution level.

All artwork is licensed, commissioned or Creative Commons licensed. Charitable contributions for each product are selected by the licensor (artist). All charitable donations will be posted quarterly on our Charity Drive. page.

Our (Wholesomememe)  preferred to support charities for persons in distress such as Kids Help Phone who’s trained crisis responders help teens from Canada and the USA. 

About @WholesomeMeme 

With 1.5 million followers and counting @WholesomeMeme spreads Internet memes and images that promote health or well-being of body, mind and/or soul.

It’s ok to need help!

If you are eighteen or under in distress call (800)-668-6868 to talk to Kids Help Phone or click here to chat with someone who will listen.
If you are an adult in distress call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, (800)-273-TALK. Or click to chat. 

Veterans in the USA call the Veterans Crisis line, your brothers and sisters are on call (800) 273-8255

Even if you are not thinking about suicide, you can still seek help! There are people right there who care. Call or chat today.