@WholesomeMeme / @WholeMeme FAQ


@WholesomeMeme is a volunteer channel. We do not always see or are aware of everything. We do our best. Worried about something? Message us. Have feedback? Message us


Our channel FAQ

  1. ReTweets/captures: Why do we post Tweet captures with credit and not ReTweet?

    1. Images of a tweet with credit get substantially more attention to the original account, more followers and more viewers. Viewers see images!

    2. ReTweets do not always show the full Tweet inline in the viewer

    3. We have tested extensively and find that a copy of the full text Tweet with credit will get the channel 2-10 times as many new followers and attention as an RT.

“Tweets with images get 200% more engagement” Forbes Magazine

  • I made something wholesome: and want you to post it;
        1. Send it along, we will post it if it meets our guidelines!

  • Profanity;
        1. Profanity that targets no individual person or group of people is allowed in our Tweets and in the comments. Profanity to emphasize or exclaim is not unwholesome, swearing at or about people is.

  • What do we Tweet;
        1. Wholesome memes, messages and humor

        2. Wholsomes comics

  • What do we not Tweet items related to;
        1. Race

        2. Religion (unless is a universal wholesome message)

        3. Politics

  • Anything that targets any group or individual or implies negatively that they are somehow lesser or flawed
  • Comments;
        1. We try to provide one response to all comments directed to us. As you can imagine we get thousands and thousands of notifications a day and may not always see if you tag us. Feel free to message us

        2. If we see a comment where a user has intentionally targeted someone or may make someone feel bad, we message them and ask them to take it down. If we don’t hear from them, we may block them

        3. If a user intentionally targets, smears, or derides someone, we may block it

        4. Any mention of race will likely result in the creator of the comment being  blocked, other than self-identification for contextual purposes

  • Credit and rights
        1. We credit all original artwork that we post

        2. We credit all Tweets and posts we can find the origin for

        3. We do not credit varians ongoing pervasive memes

        4. We cannot credit things for which we cannot determine the origin, but will gladly do so if the origin is known.

        5. We respond to any takedown request as soon as we see it

      1. Double Posting: Why do you sometimes randomly repost or delete and repost?

        1. We may have made a mistake in the Tweet

        2. We may have found out who the original poster was through the comments

        3. There are several administrators  and one may not have noticed a post or action performed by someone else

      2. Paid posts, influencer posts, paid RTs

    1. We’ve never done this to date
        1. They will cost a $5,000, proceeds to the Lifeline Foundation

        2. They must meet our content guidelines, and be something we might post under those guidelines


      Store FAQ


      Why did we launch a store? As the channel grows we get more and more inquiries, our policy of answering almost everyone takes a lot of work, two people in fact. We also moderate our comments and love to read and participate in discussions.  We want to continue this with the same level of Gusto, the small amount of money from the store will help us get coffee, Pizza, a better mouse and to pay for efficiency tools to run the channel

      We hear from a lot of people in distress and talk to them until they tell us where they are going to call or chat to get help so we really wanted to help out a crisis app or hotline.

        1. Why $25 shirts?: We chose American Apparel at $25.00 with less profit than others at $20.00 because they are American made with consistent sizing and high quality fine Cotton. We have also added the more economical Gildan shirts Search Gildan) to the store but we recommend AA for sizing, fabric quality and image retention.

        2. Artist/Creators: A percentage of revenue margins goes to the original artist or creator

        3. Drawn/painted artwork: We do not put original modern artwork on merchandise without artist permission

        4. Social media posts: We do put Internet inspirational posts and humor we find: Tweets, comments, captioned images, advice on animals, etc. on the merchandise.

        5. Revenue distribution;

      1. Artist or Artist trust
      2. Lifeline Foundation App for Persons in Distress Worldwide
      3. Fees for Online Store, Hootsuite, Photoshop etc.
      4. Channel growth
      5. Pizza / Beer / Essentials Etc.
            1. People we can’t find: If it’s a meme or Tumblr etc. and we don’t know who made it ORIGINALLY for eal, a percentage of the revenue is held for a minimum 1 year in our online accounts.

            2. Audit and trust: Any proven original artist can recieve their portion of revenues and request a listing of their lifetime sales from our shopping cart provider.

            3. Growing the channel for charity: Remaining revenues may also be used to grow merchandise sales to increase the amount we donate to the Lifeline Foundation App

        1. Why the Lifeline Canada Foundation;
              1. A lot of our users contact us in true emotional crisis and we want to help them

              2. They provide resources in the most countries

              3. They have an App and are mobile capable

              4. We are in Canada and if we give to a US charity we have to file American tax returns

              5. They have a good charity efficiency score

        2. Want something in the store that’s not there? Just message us, we’ll probably add it.

        3. I made something wholesome and want to put it in the store. Great, just message us and we’ll be right on it.